7 Fears about starting a blog!

Maybe your asking yourself about staring a blog?

You’re obsessed with reading and following your favourite bloggers, with the same level of fascination that the media follow. For me my favourite bloggers/ vloggers would be the like of Rosie Connolly, Ellie Kelly, Sosu by Suzanne Jackson. We refer them by their first names cause we feel like they are our friends ( the thing is if we were to meet them in person we think they would be).

These big bloggers/vloggers are normal people, like me or many others.They didn’t wait for someone to tell them they could start a blog they just started one, that’s when I thought I should start one too..

Then soon as you started a blog self doubt kicks in (well for me it does). That excitement of the idea of starting a blog?! Well it quickly goes away it becomes an embarrassing thought! How could I actually thought that anyone would care what I have to say ? And you’re not even good at writing, and sure what you going to even talk about?! (the struggle is real)

I’ve read a lot of posts about blogging, very few (if any) talk about self doubt, I think in today society I think it should be a major thing cause of online bullying etc etc . Blogging can and will bring a lot of self doubt wondering if or if not to post the post you want and getting judged on. Sometimes we don’t even know its happening it all comes up in a for of excuses … We don’t have the time, we don’t know how, or we don’t know anyone else doing it. Sometimes we question whether anyone would care or be interested, whether we’re good enough, or can we stick with it.

This post ( and it’s going to be a long one) talking about the different excuses we find ourselves making about blogging and all the different self doubt can bring. ( I’m not an expert but these are my struggles I find when blogging/volgging and what goes through my head)

So here we go

1.I don’t know how to start a blog

I think there are two reasons we use the excuse “we dont know”

  1. we’re completely overwhelmed by the number of decisions we have to make ( plus we feel like we might mess it all up)
  2. we don’t think we’re “good enough” to blog ( we feel like we have nothing new to say , we’re not good enough at writing, no one will ever read it, and sure if they do they might laugh. We can’t compete with other blogs there are far to many of them)

We all know there are literally thousands of blog posts on the internet that tell you exactly how to start a blog (being honest its not that hard) and yet a lot of people say it isn’t hard to get started ( I’m still finding it tough) Again I think one of the reasons people say I dont know how to get started is because it’s such an overwhelming thing to start. The number of decisions needed to make to get you on the start line, you have to decide which platform to use (I use word press), what to call the blog ( for me I started off with Elaine’s slimming world journey then to Elaine’s journey and now Elaine’s life), which social media platforms to use ( I use Instagram and Snap chat).

It’s easy to feel like we might make the wrong decision and screw everything up. but this is how we learn! Sometimes we just got to make the wrong mistakes. People are going to comment or have an opinion and that’s how we will improve on future posts plus it’s the world we are living in today everyone has an opinion ! I must admit I like having things perfect and everywhere must have the right place so sometimes while starting a new blog things will not be in places you might not want them to be the blog is a work in progress wont get it perfect straight away! All you got to do is make your own decisions when it comes to creating your own blog!!

2.I don’t have anything new to say

100% self doubt talking there now! For any topic I want to talk about I will find other bloggers or accounts who could be talking about the exactly the same thing and somehow have a better or more interesting version of it. When I first started my blog I didn’t have a clue what to say, I still don’t (by the way this is my new blog ) I just waffled on and on , I’m still new this crack and my confidence isn’t the best but this is all a learning curve and I stick at it. The doubt about not having anything to say is especially hard to deal with when you’re just starting your blog.

When no one’s reading your blog, you have no proof that anyone is interested in what you’re saying. Plus it feels like there are already hundreds of bloggers that are way better than you. But I’m almost sure all of these bloggers felt exactly the same way when they started it’s only normal. They are like me or you felt like they had nothing new to say. They felt like their life was too boring and too normal. But they started anyway, and they discovered they did have something important to say. The point I’m trying to make is, you have something important to say too and almost everyone who starts a blog experiences doubt about this.

I think from now on when I have no idea what to say I’m just going start by sharing things I love. I’m going to write about the things I’d talk about with my friends about. I’m sure I’ll will figure out that you have something important to say that no one else is saying.

3. I started a blog and no one reads it!

So how this post is about being honest, I gather no one will read my blog and that’s totally fine, maybe in time it might change. This is why I can see so many talented people give up on blogging, it’s daunting and very nerve wracking. But I’m sure I’ll push through and I think there are actually quite a few things that are good about it

I think that if you want to have a blog then you need to be blogging for just yourself. It’s a lot harder to stick with something when there’s no reward. But I’m sure if I can make it through these first few lonely months then it’s probably get good in time (fingers crossed)

I’m going to be honest my first few blogs are not great again I’m learning I’m new to this I’m out of my comfort zone. It’s going to take me while to find my feet and to figure out what I want to talk about. When I first started my blog I had no idea what I should sound like in my posts and the result was that I should just really be myself. I found out in bloggers tips is (pretend I’m writing an email to a friend or someone professional. That way I’m actually going to say things I’d say in real life and keep an informal, friendly kind of tone).

You can really play around with how your blog looks, how often you post ( I’m going to try and be consistent) what kind of topics you talk about and all of that. You can definitely play around with these things at any stage of your blogging journey.

This can be an opportunity to develop my voice and my blog and to really play around and experiment with things, I’ve learnt if you started a blog and then stopped, give it another go, it seriously doesn’t matter that you haven’t posted anything in ages!

4. People will laugh

I seriously struggle with this so much that I’m not even sure anything can really be helpful about it. I’m just trying not to think about what other people will think everyone will have their own opinion but I don’t want anything nasty. If you don’t like me that’s grand not going to be everybodys cup of tea.

Before I told anyone (Only Dave knew at the time), I thought it was so embarrassing and that some people would take the piss. I thought people would think I’m a a fool or something, anytime I go to post I pause and start to doubt whether I should or should not post, it’s my confidence and the voice in my head overtaking.

I know there will be some people who think it’s stupid or don’t like me. I’m not for everyone which is fine, but I know there are some people who love the blog and who do like me, and by not sharing who I really am then I’m depriving myself of the chance to connect with the people I really have a lot in common with.

5. I don’t have time to blog.

This excuse always seems to get me. I’m apparently ‘too busy to blog’, but not too busy to be up-to-date on all my favourite TV shows (not to mention the hours I spend scrolling through my insta feed). I think I don’t have time to blog, it’s actually just me procrastinating because I don’t know what to write about.

6. I don’t know anyone else who blogs

The fact I don’t know any bloggers shouldn’t stop me from blogging. Yes I have like 3 followers its a starting point which I am happy with. While it would have be amazing to know someone (because a lot of questions come up when you start a blog) I find blogging is an incredible but hard and I’d say a great way to meet new people.

I say it will be great to meet people who are going through the same thing as me( not knowing what to talk about, diet, recipes, life and everything else) and be able to express through blogging will be a good experience.

7. There are already to many blogd out (I’ll never catch up)

No doubt there are a lot of people who will tell you that if you haven’t already started to blog by now then that ship has sailed … but I don’t think that’s true at all.

There is definitely a rising popularity of blogs just goes to show how powerful they are and why you should definitely start one.

Yes it may feel like I’ll never ‘catch up’ to the big bloggers, the truth is that I really don’t need to. There are somethings you can offer your readers that big bloggers can’t (connections between you and your readers).

I find blogging is an amazing ( even though I’m still new) self-development tool (because you have to learn to deal with all the self-doubt that comes up) so even if no one ever reads my blog, there is still so much you can learn from blogging.

So there you go, my views on my fears of starting my blog and yes they are still and not going away anytime soon. I hope ye enjoy my blog


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