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Exceed Fitness have come the best coaching (both online and in-house) and personal training experience possible. They have many years experience in the health and fitness business and have trained many clients in their career from a variety of back grounds/ fitness levels. Whether it be a life changing transformation, professional athlete looking to excel in their sport, or simply a lifestyle change, Exceed can help you.

Since joining @exceed_fitness I have had my fair shares of ups and a lot of downs ! There has been laughter and of course a lot of tears 😅 When I started back 9 weeks ago I was not one bit motivated, unhealthy and certainly unfit. Starting off at first I found it a real struggle I have gotten better! For some who could bearly lift a weight I can lift 40 kgs now. I train twice a week and have a good meal plan not one bit hungry and my stomach has definitely shrunk which helps ! Before my journey I was very tired constantly unhappy about how I looked and just eating the wrong foods. But in the 9 weeks I have been at exceed I have more energy, not hungry and happy with the choices I’m making! I was and am very much clueless when I’m in the gym but my personal trainer Alan has made me feel at ease (somewhat) he has provided me with constant support and encouragement he sees potential in me when I don’t. I genuinely can’t fault him cause he always believes in me! I have threatened to give up so many times and not once has he ever given up on me. I have started my 12 weeks ! I’m even more anxious now as I want to do well to make my lifestyle better and healthier. Im excited and nervous as to see how well things go ! I’m proud of how far I have come in these last few weeks, to have finally had the courage to change my lifestyle and stick at it has been a big thing for me ! A bit of an update as I haven’t been sharing how much I have lost. I’m realising that every bit helps a loss is a loss and I should be proud! I’m no where near my goal weight (whatever that goal is) but with the steady pace I am going at I will get there 💪 I am so grateful for how much support I have gotten from everyone and 100% greatful for the lads in @exceed_fitness onwards and upwards from here .

Elaine x

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