Transformation post

Mini Transformation .

I don’t really do these as I don’t have the confidence to show my body, but a goal this year is change the way I talk about me and my body. Since starting my journey back in 2017 I have had nothing but a consent battle with myself! Between going up and down in weight.

The consent feel of disgust everytime I saw my reflection
I’m not comfortable in my own skin seeing all my lumpy bits kills me. I have always seen the negatives in my body from the time I was able to criticise myself growing up was hard being around people that where slimmer. I wanted 2020 to be my year where I can stand and feel confident in myself it took me more or less the photo on the left was me in August 2018 dreading for my picture to be taken! Upset, uncomfortable with how I look and felt. The picture on the right is someone who is starting to get something about themselves back.

I started my journey with  @exceedfitness back  in August and from the start it’s been a real struggle and very hard for me to be in this environment, but  changing my attuide towards the gym I’m trying to go with more of a positive mental attitude while trying to go to the gym , but I still struggle but is getting easier.  I want to chanige my life before it’s to late. It’s going to take time for me to get where I want to be, but in time I will get there. I want to be confident I want to be able to show my body  and not hide it, I want a better lifestyle I want to have a positive attitude.

I’m so happy to be training with @exceed_fitness  but what helps my journey is @alan.omahony.39  to have the 1 to 1 session really make a difference.  I’m severely self conscious and anxious but honestly I can’t fault Alan he try is best to make me feel better! Even though it doesn’t always work , I never thought I’d get the results this soon but it’s slowly coming off which I rather want. 2020 will be my year and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I have a few goals I want to achieve this year and can’t wait to do them 🙂

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